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Financial education to invest safely


To make investments safely must have sufficient financial education, and no doubt in Spain seems to indicate that we do not go very well stopped in this regard, because the latest studies indicate that our country is one of the countries that is located in the van of queue in this area.

Obviously, not every investor should know about all types of investments or need to be a great expert to invest because they can hire services and be surrounded by the appropriate professionals who properly manage their investment portfolio but, undoubtedly, a degree of good financial education It is necessary to develop in the field of investments in particular and of life in general.

Having a basic performance in essential aspects of finance and the economy should be something that everyone should take as an obligation and should be something that was acquired as a child, because it can have and has important implications in all facets of life, not only in investments as indicated, it has an impact on the domestic economy, it can have an impact on professional development, etc.

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If this is the case, Spain certainly does not have a citizen trained in the most elementary issues of our economic environment. Thus, the scraped half of the population is able to respond to essential elements of the economy.

The above results are highly devastating because if they assume that only a fair half of the population is able to respond (in a basic way) to the most essential elements that move the economy, this means that 1 out of 2 people do not know how to respond to basic questions that help you negotiate your mortgage, know your salary, etc.

Specifically according to Standard & Poor’s (from which the reference data are extracted to mention in this article), in its latest study conducted on this subject, Spain is only located below by Latvia, Montenegro, Slovakia and Greece which closes the list in general knowledge of financial education.

To better understand the previous numbers, say that Greece that closes the list at the 30th position has 45% of the population that is capable of answering at least 75% (3 of 4) of the basic questions asked. they formulate. Spain is placed at number 27 with 49% of the population able to answer these questions.

All this very far from the most advanced countries in this regard, countries such as Norway, Denmark and Sweden that top the list with 71% of the population able to answer these questions, and very far from the countries of the middle zone. the table, such as New Zealand, Singapore or the Czech Republic, which are in positions 11, 12 and 13 respectively, with respective results of 61, 59 and 58%.

All the above in terms of general, more dramatic knowledge for Spain are still the results disaggregated by type of question

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Thus, Spain never approaches any of the leading positions in any of the positions formulated, on the contrary, it always remains fairly or very late in each of them. Without a doubt, we still have a long way to go if we want to ensure that the entire population has at least an essential level of financial education.