Instant Payday Loans

The 10 Most Common Myths about Instant Loans

Do you know the immediate loans? If you’ve never used them, you probably think some of the myths around them are true. At Joad family Mexico we endeavored to list the main myths of quick loans so that you have reliable information and can make responsible decisions.

  1. They are complicated. In fact, the management of this type of loan is usually very simple. There are even some companies, such as Joad family, that offer loans through an online application without the need to do paperwork.

  2. They’re slow. One of the main advantages of this type of services is that they have available 24-hour service and, in general, approve requests in minutes.

  3. They make you more indebted. If your ability to pay is less than your debt, no matter what type of credit you request, your debt may be extended for a longer period. With the aim of avoiding over-indebtedness, in Joad family we offer our clients their first loan with 0% interest.

  4. They always ask for endorsement. This requirement depends on each financial institution. With us you can request up to $ 6000 without presenting endorsement.

  5. They only lend little money. The amounts of the immediate loans vary from one company to another. In Joad family we offer loans from $ 1000 up to $ 6000.

  6. They ask you for a commission to give you the loan. If a company asks you for money to manage your application, it is most likely a fraud. Do not trust a company that asks for money to be able to lend you.

  7. They request your PIN. Do not confuse your CLABE with the PIN; the first is necessary to make deposits to your account, while the Personal Identification Number only you must know.

  8. They are not reliable. There are many companies that take advantage of the economic need of people to commit fraudulent acts. When you go to request a loan we recommend you do it with some serious company. In Joad family we have the support of one of the leading financial groups in Europe and a world leader in microlending: 4Finance.

  9. They are exclusive for people of a certain age. Unlike other types of loans, fast online loans are offered to people from 20 to 65 years of age. Enter our site to know the requirements to apply for your credit.

  10. The payment terms are very broad. These loans offer 30-day payment periods so you can settle faster. But in addition, some companies give the option to extend the payment term.


Remember that if you have an unforeseen event and need an interest-free loan, it is important that you inform yourself so that you can make a responsible decision. If you have any questions about Joad family loans, do not hesitate to contact us.