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What are the best investment funds of 2016?

Fixed, variable, flexible investment funds that invest in commodities … Do you know which are the best investment funds of the year? Take a look at the following article to find out.

The best investment funds of 2016 on the Stock Exchange

The best investment funds of 2016 on the Stock Exchange

The most profitable funds during 2016 were those that have invested in Brazil, Russia and the raw materials sector. A truly curious fact if we consider that they were the worst performers in 2015. Among the best stock funds we can highlight the following.

  • Pictet-Russian Equities . This fund, which invests in the Russian stock exchange, has managed to advance 75% according to the data provided by the Morningstar consultancy and which rises by 8%.
  • HSBC Global Investment Funds – Russia Equity , which also invests in the Russian stock market, has managed to raise 65.8%.
  • Long Term Investment Fund Natural Resources . This fund that invests in energy companies throughout the world has risen by 69%.
  • Iberian Value , of the Spanish Stock Exchange, has dedicated itself to investing in raw materials, which account for 45% of its total account. Among his favorite values ​​is Semapa or Técnicas Reunidas.

The best fixed income investment funds of 2016

Brazil has been a very attractive asset in the stock market and in fixed income. Among those funds that have invested in this asset undoubtedly highlight the following.

  • HSBC GIF Brazil Bond , which invests in Brazilian debt, has managed to grow by 62% during 2016. This fund invests mainly in different public bodies in Brazil.
  • Deutsche Invest I Emerging Markets Corporates has revalued 36% by investing in corporate debt within emerging countries.
  • Trea Rentas Emergentes has positioned itself as the most profitable Spanish fixed income fund. It has managed to revalue by 13.2% investing in bonds of emerging countries. Among other companies, Trea Emerging Rents has Alrosa Fin or Gpo Cem Chihuahua bonds.
  • Santander Fixed Income Latin America has achieved a 12% revaluation by investing in bonds of different South American companies, such as Peru, Panama or Colombia.

The best investment funds of 2016 of mixed income

The best investment funds of 2016 of mixed income


  • The Merch-Oportunidades , of Spanish origin, has become one of the best mixed income funds of the year. It has managed to revalue by 38.6% and is characterized by having a flexible investment policy based mainly on variable income. 39% of your investment is focused on raw materials.
  • Argos Capital , of Renta 4, has also been revalued during 2016 by 14%. It is characterized by investing 100% of its portfolio in fixed income or stock market. Currently, 85% of its investment goes to equities on assets such as Ferrovial or Berkshire.
  • The Barclays Portfolios SICAV Barclays GlobalBeta Portfolio 4, has risen more than 20% during 2016. One of the most aggressive funds in the market invests most of its portfolio in equities, in such interesting assets as Facebook, Alibaba or Morgan Stanley .

The best absolute return investment funds


This type of funds are characterized by a very flexible investment policy. It is common for this type of funds to combine bullish and bearish funds in the same portfolio to obtain the maximum results.

One of the best absolute return funds of 2016 was the Investec GSF Enhanced Natural Resource, which has been revalued by 34% by investing its portfolio in companies in the raw materials sector.